The duel bond king mountain war you don't know

4 youth day,
probably many people do not realize,
the Chinese bond market has gone through a king of the mountain war.
Both sides of the fight are some mysterious King and other investors in the market.
This morning,
national bond traders focused their attention on the Treasury's 35 billion - year 10 - year treasury bond auction.
Many people are looking forward to the mysterious King whether they will again dead carry,
the 10 year treasury bond yields continue to pressure at 2.
90% low.
The final result may be surprising to many,
as the yield on the 10 year Treasury note was not only firmly locked at 2.
but also gained 3.
07 times the bid fold.
There seems to be no shortage of liquidity.
That is to say,
Wang smiled last.
Those who want to see Wang jokes and wa