So this summer there are so many blockbusters to see

American film market summer season begins on the first weekend of May,
and this weekend is often unveiled with a blockbuster superhero movie.
This year,
the North American summer lasts from May 6th to September 2nd,
during which there is Captain America,
3 X X-Men: Apocalypse,
Independence Day 2,
the Bourne 5,
Star Trek,
a large number of 3.
Which movie will break out and become the top grossing film this summer? The following time network will bring you 2016 North American summer archives full preview! Here (click the image for a larger version): Super Hero movie camp Captain America 3,
X task force of X-Men,
Battlefield Heroes tour comic book movie,
mainly in the fictional superhero (villain) as the protagonist with action science fiction,
visual elements t