Focus, from Ampquot Ampquot to Ampquot with the high price of tea gift Ampquot high-end tea finally put a low profile

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May 4th new media news in May is a large number of listed spring season,
the total market circulation of tea as precious as gold,
hundreds of thousands of dollars a pound of super tea frequently appeared.
Reporter recently found in Fujian tea market survey,
this year the price of tea is reduced greatly,
the high-end tea tea market is gradually cooling,
the mainstream market is experiencing from the luxury to souvenir changes.
Reporters in Putian Hilton Hotel on the first floor of the melon shop to see,
originally priced 130 thousand yuan a pound of Haixi one,
now renamed Xi melon No.
the price of 90 thousand yuan a pound,
a pound of 40 thousand yuan price.
Pictures from the network reporter obse