Dismantling 360f4 thousand yuan fingerprint machine, give me a dozen

4 in Beijing 798 low-key release,
360 of the mobile phone product line has become clear,
F series from the previous great God mobile phone,
the main is the price and comfort experience.
And the F4 sold to 599 yuan this price,
in addition to their own system in security advantages,
the entire mobile phone was removed,
what do we have left? Look at our ZEALER engineer.
What do you have to say?.
The disassemble tools required: screwdriver,
pry piece.
Step 1: Remove  - out Cato three two Cato Cato design [SIM1:Nano-SIM]; SIM2/TF:Nano-SIM & TF-card Cato front T type proof design,
avoid damage can not be removed and inserted Cato anti SIM / SD contact terminal Step 2: remove the rear cover ^ first cup from the mobile phone cover sniff a crack,
and then enter