Between the green mountains and rivers seeking a utopian town

most magnificent blue city up the history of development of the project,
Yanmao for 10 square kilometers.
It is a breathtaking native forest,
numerous selected ten Hangzhou autumn unknown fam,
known as the God spilled paint bottle.
It was also one of the boldest social experiments in the history of real estate.
Invite more than 3000 city people,
to the forest,
tea garden and flower sea,
a farm,
a few acres of fertile land,
to feed the city hollow country.
PART 1 Hangzhou private forest fam for over 20 years,
I have seen tens of thousands of planning schemes,
it is one of the best! This is a week ago,
Song Weiping in Changle,
blue city - spring meeting said.
Cooperate with the spring Changle products group,
will be the history of the largest area of blue city project.
In the west of H