1700 kinds of dynamic mechanical principle by the stunning turn

(C thng Nguyn) is an engineer from vietnam.
Since retiring in 2002,
he has been producing stunning 3D animated catalogs for mechanical structures.
He used AutodeskInventor recorded more than 1700 kinds of mechanical structure,
and for each record to make a corresponding animation video,
to understand some of the more complex and challenging structure,
these videos are very valuable reference.
In addition,
the animation itself is a fascinating series of kinetic sculptures,
with its own aesthetic value.
The following are some structure selection: 1.
track parallelogram mechanical linkage structure 2.
universal joints 3.
rack gear structure with 4.
planetary clutch 5.
space by the door 6.
direction during rotation invariant 7.
Archimedean curve driven machine 8.
cone friction transmission 9.