Hepburn's beauty lets us remember the angel's appearance

| small - - she is an angel in May 4,
if the United States well-known British actor Audrey Hepburn's birthday,
in addition to her in a flash on the screen of the figure,
Hepburn until today,
remains as the existence of fashion.
Wang invited her today to introduce the story of Hepburn,
and to commemorate Hepburn's birthday in this article.
Hear Hepburn these two words are like a breeze into her ears to the world,
said she is the angel she went,
she returned to the world that God around a lot of people have never seen her life but also started a couple of years but can face Hepburn said firmly.
That is known in my life the most beautiful people of her smile,
is the first angel like Hepburn's smile,
is elegant and ELF smile on her feeling,
like the spring breeze in the one hu


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I really hurt so embarrassed snow you cheat me (Kai) heart

icle is authorized to be reprinted from What (ID:CrusherTV) - yes,
as you think! Snow!!! Damn it!!! Finally!!!! Resurrection! In the latest S06E02 finally came to snow a long feature: one second before the eyes suddenly open eyes! Scared me! Look at those big bright eyes,
one side long!! After 10 months of waiting,
I finally lived!!! In an interview with Weekly Entertainment snow in the video on their own before the lies and apologized: it is said: sorry I lied.
At the beginning of the panic,
but also fear that we will not care,
we care too much.
It turned out that my decision to lie with the crew was correct! You,
nothing! Jon fucking Snow! But the anger was anger,
and the fans were happy.
In that snow after the resurrection.
Some fans cried: some people coul