Recommendation one shares will be solid gold shares of CITIC Guoan north high can still bargain hunting

the market may still fluctuated,
the operation should be cautious,
try to bargain hunting,
positions should still control): the stock market is a recommendation that the world's most difficult to do business,
to remind you that our recommendation principle is to control the risk,
improve the probability of winning,
the profit goal of not tall,
and strive to achieve steady 15 20%/ annual revenue,
does not require every time to buy shares will win (or person,
so every day we have a billionaire) recommendation to launch two to three types of investment portfolio,
although the steady rise slowly,
but a high degree of safety,
the radical rose faster,
but the risk is big,
not careful may not only money spit,
also may lose money,
so I hope you stay calm,
not greedy impatience,
dream overnight