If the stomach is not good, porridge Riga a treasure

cle (amy6562) --- health is the first wealth of life! Health is a state of mind! Know something about your health,
your body and your own decisions! Often people complain that the stomach is not good,
but can not find the stomach method,
actually has a very simple and easy to operate the stomach of the law,
but often overlooked.
What is the recipe for the stomach? One word porridge.
In fact,
porridge for thousands of years,
in the Shi Ji Bian Que Cang Gong biography on the records of Cang Gong Yi Qi fire porridge treatment of King's disease; Han Dynasty famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing in Shanghanzabinglun on the record after taking Guizhi Decoction,
to sip hot gruel,
to help the medicine; the famous litterateur,
scientist Su Dongpo also said porridge can diaphragmatic weeding