Good bye, Obama, a piece of script that has been delayed by the president of the United States

e Press Association WHCA (White House Correspondents'Association),
founded in 1914,
by the major media reports specifically responsible for the White House and the president of the news reporters.
Since 1920,
the White House Press Association last Saturday in April every year at the dinner,
the white house every year is intended to thank the media,
the president and the vice president will participate in the White House,
in addition to run the mouth of the reporters,
the media can also invite celebrities.
Since Obama took office,
he has turned his speech at the dinner into a talk show,
and the dinner has become a white house comic dialogue.
Shake the burden,
speak scripts,
ridicule politicians,
Tucao media,
like the next decline.
In the words of Obama: the media has been on me all year,