A bowl of noodles. (read people great

story: one day,
someone asked an old gentleman,
which is more important,
the sun or the moon?.
The old man thought for a long time,
replied: the moon,
the moon is more important.
Why? Because the moon shines at night,
when we need it most,
and the day is bright enough for the sun to shine at that time.
You might laugh at the old man's stupidity,
but don't you think so many people do? Take care of your every day,
you never feel what if the stranger occasionally help you,
you will think of others; your parents family has to pay for you,
you always feel that sometimes even bother behoove,
once you have made for outsiders; similar behavior,
you will be excited by.
Isn't this as confusing as thanking the moon and denying the sun? There is a girl with her mother had a big quarrel,