Good bye, Obama, a piece of script that has been delayed by the president of the United States

e Press Association WHCA (White House Correspondents'Association),
founded in 1914,
by the major media reports specifically responsible for the White House and the president of the news reporters.
Since 1920,
the White House Press Association last Saturday in April every year at the dinner,
the white house every year is intended to thank the media,
the president and the vice president will participate in the White House,
in addition to run the mouth of the reporters,
the media can also invite celebrities.
Since Obama took office,
he has turned his speech at the dinner into a talk show,
and the dinner has become a white house comic dialogue.
Shake the burden,
speak scripts,
ridicule politicians,
Tucao media,
like the next decline.
In the words of Obama: the media has been on me all year,

Look at the mighty foreign police how to deal with the beauty of drunk driving it scares the baby

e are people,
there are rivers and lakes! If this sentence applies to the automotive society,
that is,
where there is a car,
there is drunk driving! Today we will see how foreign police handle drunk driving,
1 minutes,
15 seconds,
absolutely let you see silly! It is recommended to watch in WiFi environment!

You think I'm used to life and death, but I just don't want it to happen again

front door of the hospital,
everything was wonderful! Although the doctor is very difficult to do,
not hard,
but also life entrusted responsibility.
Sometimes also met with unreasonable demands and trouble making beat the doctor,
patient has It is often seen.
even doctors because of medical disputes,
and Dutch act to death.
But we still cannot give up our beliefs when we are doctors.
Author: Wang Chenggang from: critical moment,
life how to save? The Beijing fonghong media company authorized reprint please indicate the source of information or publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) Abstract: the doctor is difficult to do,
not hard,
but also life entrusted responsibility,
but we still can not give up when the doctor's own beliefs: save the patient is the first one! I am

Recommendation one shares will be solid gold shares of CITIC Guoan north high can still bargain hunting

the market may still fluctuated,
the operation should be cautious,
try to bargain hunting,
positions should still control): the stock market is a recommendation that the world's most difficult to do business,
to remind you that our recommendation principle is to control the risk,
improve the probability of winning,
the profit goal of not tall,
and strive to achieve steady 15 20%/ annual revenue,
does not require every time to buy shares will win (or person,
so every day we have a billionaire) recommendation to launch two to three types of investment portfolio,
although the steady rise slowly,
but a high degree of safety,
the radical rose faster,
but the risk is big,
not careful may not only money spit,
also may lose money,
so I hope you stay calm,
not greedy impatience,
dream overnight

[never expected] the professor of the first South army had done such a thing to crayfish

rayfish season,
the streets filled with assorted lobster shop! Braised in yellow,
thirteen fragrant.
Delicious to stop! No Under the! Come! The folk have been circulating such a saying,
said crayfish like to stay in the foul ditch,
eating rotten food,
eating will be bad for the human body,
which in the end is true or false? Finally,
the question has an answer! Recently,
Huang Cheng,
an associate professor at the school of life sciences at Nanjing University,
took his students to do lobster experiments to restore the real features of crayfish! They found that crayfish do not like the sewage environment,
nor eat rotten food.
[experiment secret] crayfish like sewage? NO: 80% crayfish choose clean water environment,
Huang Cheng told reporters,
he and students have done a maze experiment.

Violence, human nature, literature and art, erotic songs in foreign countries can be much more important

e original movie heaven,
please contact an authorized recently,
everyone in the Ode to joy.
With the increase in the number of sets,
the 22 floor of the 5 sisters have also had a lot of difference with the initial.
Initially unemployed,
lovelorn disappointed Qiu Yingying,
determined to find a job,
a breath of 30 cups of coffee,
study all night to open shop,
down-to-earth efforts to make Andy sit up and take notice.
Andy not only found a habit out of contact with anyone,
a younger brother,
also in the singular point of persuasion slowly down the knot,
even to wash socks for singularity.
But the value of high EQ Yan fan sister was not so lucky,
not only Wang Baichuan and hide each other are exposed,
but also to wipe good-for-nothing's brother,
a man desperate crying on the roads

A bowl of noodles. (read people great

story: one day,
someone asked an old gentleman,
which is more important,
the sun or the moon?.
The old man thought for a long time,
replied: the moon,
the moon is more important.
Why? Because the moon shines at night,
when we need it most,
and the day is bright enough for the sun to shine at that time.
You might laugh at the old man's stupidity,
but don't you think so many people do? Take care of your every day,
you never feel what if the stranger occasionally help you,
you will think of others; your parents family has to pay for you,
you always feel that sometimes even bother behoove,
once you have made for outsiders; similar behavior,
you will be excited by.
Isn't this as confusing as thanking the moon and denying the sun? There is a girl with her mother had a big quarrel,

If the stomach is not good, porridge Riga a treasure

cle (amy6562) --- health is the first wealth of life! Health is a state of mind! Know something about your health,
your body and your own decisions! Often people complain that the stomach is not good,
but can not find the stomach method,
actually has a very simple and easy to operate the stomach of the law,
but often overlooked.
What is the recipe for the stomach? One word porridge.
In fact,
porridge for thousands of years,
in the Shi Ji Bian Que Cang Gong biography on the records of Cang Gong Yi Qi fire porridge treatment of King's disease; Han Dynasty famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing in Shanghanzabinglun on the record after taking Guizhi Decoction,
to sip hot gruel,
to help the medicine; the famous litterateur,
scientist Su Dongpo also said porridge can diaphragmatic weeding