The ice in the fridge was so thick that it simply fell off at once

erator after a period of time always the frozen layer on a thick layer of frost frost not only make the refrigerator more power consumption is not conducive to food preservation and even lead to even the refrigerator doors are not open to remove frost,
we can make the exhaust all the skills do not worry,
Xiaobian this tells you how to easily remove frost and damage to the refrigerator for the sake of safety in removing frost before you must first unplug the power and put the food in the fridge all out for 2/3 bowls of water temperature at sixty or seventy degrees which is more appropriate in order to avoid the inner wall of the refrigerator from low temperature instant heating cause the deformation layer into the freezer in a few minutes,
frost will begin to melt the inner wall of the refr

With you concerned about the burden of over 270 billion of the money, the country all reduced to you

evelopment and Reform Commission website published in May 3rd entitled give full play to the role of price leverage to help supply side structural reform article.
The article said that the next step,
the NDRC will focus on deepening electricity,
natural gas,
medical services,
transportation and other areas of price reform.
All these prices to change 1 let go more than 40 government pricing will open the national development and Reform Commission said that the vast majority of drugs,
most professional service,
part of the competition in the field of transportation and postal services more than 40 government pricing,
pricing project of the central and local governments were down 80%,
2 to start the first in Shenzhen electricity transmission and distribution reform in Shenzhen launched

So this summer there are so many blockbusters to see

American film market summer season begins on the first weekend of May,
and this weekend is often unveiled with a blockbuster superhero movie.
This year,
the North American summer lasts from May 6th to September 2nd,
during which there is Captain America,
3 X X-Men: Apocalypse,
Independence Day 2,
the Bourne 5,
Star Trek,
a large number of 3.
Which movie will break out and become the top grossing film this summer? The following time network will bring you 2016 North American summer archives full preview! Here (click the image for a larger version): Super Hero movie camp Captain America 3,
X task force of X-Men,
Battlefield Heroes tour comic book movie,
mainly in the fictional superhero (villain) as the protagonist with action science fiction,
visual elements t

1700 kinds of dynamic mechanical principle by the stunning turn

(C thng Nguyn) is an engineer from vietnam.
Since retiring in 2002,
he has been producing stunning 3D animated catalogs for mechanical structures.
He used AutodeskInventor recorded more than 1700 kinds of mechanical structure,
and for each record to make a corresponding animation video,
to understand some of the more complex and challenging structure,
these videos are very valuable reference.
In addition,
the animation itself is a fascinating series of kinetic sculptures,
with its own aesthetic value.
The following are some structure selection: 1.
track parallelogram mechanical linkage structure 2.
universal joints 3.
rack gear structure with 4.
planetary clutch 5.
space by the door 6.
direction during rotation invariant 7.
Archimedean curve driven machine 8.
cone friction transmission 9.

The duel bond king mountain war you don't know

4 youth day,
probably many people do not realize,
the Chinese bond market has gone through a king of the mountain war.
Both sides of the fight are some mysterious King and other investors in the market.
This morning,
national bond traders focused their attention on the Treasury's 35 billion - year 10 - year treasury bond auction.
Many people are looking forward to the mysterious King whether they will again dead carry,
the 10 year treasury bond yields continue to pressure at 2.
90% low.
The final result may be surprising to many,
as the yield on the 10 year Treasury note was not only firmly locked at 2.
but also gained 3.
07 times the bid fold.
There seems to be no shortage of liquidity.
That is to say,
Wang smiled last.
Those who want to see Wang jokes and wa

Dismantling 360f4 thousand yuan fingerprint machine, give me a dozen

4 in Beijing 798 low-key release,
360 of the mobile phone product line has become clear,
F series from the previous great God mobile phone,
the main is the price and comfort experience.
And the F4 sold to 599 yuan this price,
in addition to their own system in security advantages,
the entire mobile phone was removed,
what do we have left? Look at our ZEALER engineer.
What do you have to say?.
The disassemble tools required: screwdriver,
pry piece.
Step 1: Remove  - out Cato three two Cato Cato design [SIM1:Nano-SIM]; SIM2/TF:Nano-SIM & TF-card Cato front T type proof design,
avoid damage can not be removed and inserted Cato anti SIM / SD contact terminal Step 2: remove the rear cover ^ first cup from the mobile phone cover sniff a crack,
and then enter

Between the green mountains and rivers seeking a utopian town

most magnificent blue city up the history of development of the project,
Yanmao for 10 square kilometers.
It is a breathtaking native forest,
numerous selected ten Hangzhou autumn unknown fam,
known as the God spilled paint bottle.
It was also one of the boldest social experiments in the history of real estate.
Invite more than 3000 city people,
to the forest,
tea garden and flower sea,
a farm,
a few acres of fertile land,
to feed the city hollow country.
PART 1 Hangzhou private forest fam for over 20 years,
I have seen tens of thousands of planning schemes,
it is one of the best! This is a week ago,
Song Weiping in Changle,
blue city - spring meeting said.
Cooperate with the spring Changle products group,
will be the history of the largest area of blue city project.
In the west of H